Tools guide

The functions in CamTools are delivered by 'tools'. Tools exist within each user's Personal Tools area and within every CamTools site; they can be added, deleted or renamed, so the listings below may not match the sites that you are using.

Below is a list of available tools and a short description of their functions. Click on the name of the tool to view a detailed description and learn more about its use.

Some tools are specifically for use in Personal Tools, but those marked with * can be used in either Personal Tools or on any other CamTools site.

Announcements* Announcements - Provides current, time-critical information, such as news and events.
Assignments Assignments - Allows course administrators or teaching staff to create, distribute, collect, and grade online assignments.
  Basic LTI - IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability.
Blogger Blogger - A blogging tool.
Blogs Blogs - Enables members to write blogs that can be shared either with the administrators only or with all the other members.
Chat Room Chat Room - Allows real-time conversations in written form between members of a site.
  Clog (was Journal) - A collaborative log tool.
Drop Box Drop Box - Allows students to exchange documents with the course administrators via a private folder.
Email Email - Send mail to site participants.
Email Archive Email Archive - Provides an archived, searchable site mailing list.
Exegesis Exegesis - A tool designed by the English Faculty specifically for students to comment on selected phrases in a set extract.
Files Files* - Manage and display files of all types, including Word docs, PDFs, data files etc. Shares the same content as the Resources tool.
Forums Forums - An online discussion tool designed specifically for academic use.
Home Home* - View recent announcements, discussion, calendar and chat items.
Markbook Markbook - Store and compute assessment marks from Tests & Quizzes or that are manually entered.
News News* - View content from online sources.
Podcasts Podcasts - Manage individual podcast and podcast feed information.
Polls Polls - For anonymous polls or voting.
Resources Resources* - Post documents, links to websites, create HTML pages and control access by group. Shares the same content as the Files tool.
Schedule Schedule* - Create a calendar for posting and viewing deadlines, events, etc.
Sign-up Sign-up - Create meetings and other events for which site members can sign-up.
Site Info Site Info - Show site information and carry out site administration tasks.
Site Members Site Members - View the list of site participants.
Syllabus Syllabus - Post a summary outline and/or requirements for a site.
Web Content Web Content* - Access an external website within the site.
Wiki Wiki* - Create pages and content which can be edited collaboratively.
  Profile* - The social networking tool for CamTools.
Site Stats Section Info - For managing sections within a site.
Site Stats Site Stats - Allows you to view user statistics for your site.
Tests Tests & Quizzes - For creating and taking online tests and quizzes.
Customise Customise - Choose which tools to include on your site.
Display Options Display Options - Edit appearance preferences, including customized color and contrast schemes.
Membership Membership - View and modify your membership in sites you may join.
My Account My Account - Displays useful links about Raven or Friends login.
My Calendar My Calendar - Post and view deadlines/events and import calendar entries from sites.
My Files My Files - Manage and display files of all types, including Word docs, PDFs, data files etc.
My Settings My Settings - View and modify your preferences for email notifications, time zone and language.