Preparing for the CamTools Switch Off

This page contains advice to help you prepare for the day CamTools is switched off for good on 30 September 2017.

Downloading files from your CamTools site

Transferring files from CamTools to Moodle

Alternative CamTools Replacements

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Swift Surveys

Downloading files in bulk from your CamTools site

If you just want to save your content, Use the zip file functionality.

This is done using the 'Resources' tool on the left-hand menu. On some sites, the Resources tool has a different name, but the icon looks like a folder.

If you need to download all the files in one go from a folder in a CamTools site, you first need to create a ZIP file from within CamTools. This will combine all the files in a CamTools folder into one ZIP file. You can ZIP the entire site, or just selected folders within the site.

To do this using the Resources tool, point at the Actions menu for the relevant folder, and click the Compress to ZIP Archive link.

Please note that you can only ZIP a folder in the Resources tool: this won't work using the alternative 'Files' tool.


This will create a ZIP file with the same name as the folder's name. Click the file's name; in the pop-up File Download window choose to either open a file or to save it to your preferred location.



Once you’ve safely downloaded the ZIP file, please do the following:

1) Carefully check that the downloaded ZIP file contains all of the content you need.

2) Delete the original ZIP file from CamTools.

3) Also delete the original files to free up space on CamTools.





Transferring files from CamTools to Moodle

If you feel that Moodle is suitable for your needs, you can transfer your files from CamTools to Moodle.  Moodle is already available to everyone with a Raven account. Each Department or College that is already using Moodle will have Moodle Coordinators who can create new courses within their own category structures. Please contact the Moodle Coordinator within your institution to request a new Moodle course. If you cannot identify any Moodle Coordinators within your institution, please contact either your Computer Officer or the Moodle Helpdesk via

It is now possible to easily copy files and wiki pages from a CamTools site into a Moodle course.

To perform an import you must have the Course Admin or Maintain role in a CamTools site and have a Moodle course where you are able to add content.

This process is easy to run and the results should mirror the CamTools content very closely. 

Full instructions can be found in the Moodle Help article Importing CamTools content:

If you need any further assistance please contact the Moodle Helpdesk via

Questions about CamTools sites should be directed to the CamTools Decommissioning team via

NB If your CamTools site has pages that are “public” i.e. you do not have to log in to see the page, then Moodle may not be suitable for your content.

Alternative CamTools Replacements

Moodle is not the only alternative available to replace CamTools.  Depending on the purpose of the CamTools site, you might find Dropbox, One Drive or SharePoint Online to be more appropriate. To review the alternatives, please contact your institution's Computer Officer or Relationship Manager.