Accessing CamTools

How do I

Log in

On the CamTools log in page at If you are a University member go via Raven Login, if you are a registered Friend user go via Friends Login. You will be directed to My Startpage which is your CamTools home page with links to all sites of which you are a member.



From My Startpage you can access any site of which you are a member: just follow links under My Courses and Projects. It is also very easy to navigate back to My Starpage from any site: the link is always in the top right corner. Next to it there are other useful links: Courses & Projects (a detailed list of sites where you are a member, and a list of publicly joinable sites), Personal Tools (your individual CamTools space), and Help (a link to this website). Use links rather than your browser's Back and Forward arrows.


Change my settings

You will need to go to Personal Tools (log into CamTools and click the Personal Tools link in the top right corner). To change how you receive communications from CamTools use the My Settings / Preferences tool; to change how you view CamTools use the Display Options tool.

Change settings

Access CamTools sites

You can visit the sites of which you are a member by following links under My Courses and Projects on My startpage. You can also visit publicly joinable sites which you can join without a specific invitation from a site administrator: follow the Courses & Projects link in the top right corner and click the Joinable Courses & Projects tab. You can search the list using the Search text box. When you find a site you would like to join, use the green Join link on the right far side, and follow the Click to visit link to view the site. To unjoin, return to My Current Cources & Projects tab and use the Unjoin link.

Visit sites

If you need to access a site but it is not in your list of Courses and Projects:

  • Check first whether they are publicly joinable: click the Courses & Projects link in the top right corner, click the Joinable Courses and Projects tab and type the site's name in the Search box. If the site is there, click the green Join link to become a member.

  • If the site is not publicly joinable it means only the site administrator can make you a member of the site. Your first option would be to speak to your lecturer or Departmental Administrator to ask to be added to the relevant CamTools sites. You can also contact the CamTools Helpdesk so we can help you to find out contact details of the site administrator(s).

  • If you are looking for a site which supports a teaching course, please check the CamTools Teaching Sites list at to find the site and contact details of the site administrator(s). If you can't find the site you need, contact our Helpdesk.

Upload files

Follow these instructions for the Resources tool in the Tools Guide or watch this video.

Share my site with students/colleagues

You can set up your site's membership as 'by invitation only' where only a site administrator can invite new members, or as 'publicly joinable', where any university member can join the site bypassing a site administrator. For the former you will need to add new members following these instructions for the Site Info tool in Tools Guide. For the latter you will need to set up public access following these instructions for the Site Info tool in Tools Guide.